Commercial Coatings

Change the way you do business We offer the correct coating for any use, from warehouses to industrial facilities, kitchens to hospitals, and everything in between. Our extensive line of coatings and preparatory equipment ensures minimal downtime and consistently effective coating applications. We'll work with you from start to finish to make sure you have the correct coating to meet your flooring requirements

Diamondback Concrete Coatings has the necessary equipment to complete the work. The preparation is the most crucial phase in any coatings application for a successful installation. Our objective is to open up porosity, remove damaged or degraded concrete, and remove any chemicals or impurities with this equipment. The coarse profile allows the coating to enter the concrete deeply and obtain the maximal adhesion required to form an eternal connection.

Is the surface of your concrete pitted, fractured, or spalled? It’s no issue! For many years to come, our procedure and coating will keep your floor looking smooth, shining, and like new!

All commercial floor coating solutions come with a 5-year warranty against chipping, peeling, delamination, and excessive wear.

Outdoor Surfaces

Patio and pool deck resurfacing with durable Diamondback Concrete Coating's coatings is a quick and economical solution to add immediate beauty to any size space, and many homeowners want a lovely outside area to party and enjoy the great outdoors.