Concrete Repair Systems

Why replace broken concrete when our restoration techniques can make it appear like new again! When it comes to concrete restorations, you have a few alternatives, but none compare to Diamondback Concrete Coatings CR Mender in terms of durability and adaptability. Cracks, vertical concrete restoration, damaged step repair, and other issues may all be addressed with this cost-effective solution. If you're going to coat any concrete, applying our repair method first will provide a smooth surface that will last longer. Diamondback Concrete Coatings is a market leader in industrial coatings, with industry-leading warranties and customer service. Don't replace that broken concrete when our repair technique can give a hassle-free, cost-effective, and effective alternative!

Residential Coatings

Diamondback Concrete Coating's polyurea coating technologies may give the ultimate balance of form and function when it comes to garage flooring

Cost Effective Concrete Repair

Damaged concrete is ugly, and despite the fact that the problem will only worsen over time, many homeowners are unsure how to proceed when a crack forms. You'll get the smooth surface you desire with our concrete floor restoration coating, and the damage won't be evident! Concrete resurfacing and coatings.

Crack injection is a proven method to repair cracks in concrete. Unfortunately, acquiring the appropriate equipment and getting it up and running may be costly and time-consuming. Diamondback Concrete Coatings fills that void for you.

Spalling concrete is a common problem where part of the surface peels, breaks or chips away. Have no fear we can get this fixed for you.

Our concrete is self leveling which increases its durability for your day to day activities. 

Concrete sealers and coatings must exhibit great adhesion in order to be effective. Adhesion is the strength of bonds forming between one material and another. Adhesive failure on the other hand can result from low adhesion between a coating and the substrate. Diamondback Concrete Coatings provides that extreme adhesion in our coatings.